Stefani Lord

Survivor of sexual abuse, childhood neglect, physical and verbal abuse, chronic illnesses, and drug and alcohol addiction, Stefani Lord started the life change process at age 25, but it was not a linear road to recovery. Stefani want back and forth, and round and round with therapy, 12 step programs, and various different spiritual journeys. It took many years of self exploration before she finally had a break through and found peace within herself. Her goal now is to share all the steps, and the mistakes, of how she was finally able to develop inner strength to overcome the demons of her past and move forward in spite of past tragedies and current illness. There are many roads to recovery, but this road paved the way to success.

Mission Statement 

My purpose is to share my personal life experiences, as well as gather those from others who have not only overcome, but have thrived following tragedy. My hope is that through these stories the reader will be inspired to make changes that will bring joy and increased confidence into their own lives.