My Mother the Murderer

I made a conscious decision many years ago to not be a victim and to overcome all the abuse I endured as a child.  I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself, and instead of taking the easy, less painful route of self exploration,  I exposed my demons to the light and tried to make something of my life.  Its been a long and painful experience, but definitely well worth the positive outcome.  I’m pretty happy with my life, but of course, there is always room for improvement.

Yesterday I had a reminder of where I come from.  My adoptive mother was not only a liar, a drug addict, and a drunk, but she also ran an illegal abortion clinic and illegally sold children.  I knew she was arrested for dealing amphetamines in 1970 and spent nearly 2 years in Ventura county jail.  I also knew she was arrested for abortions and numerous DUI’s, but I didn’t know she was arrested for murder.

Back in the late 80’s she hooked up with another scammer, Dr. Milos Klvana.  He had lost all of his doctor hospital privileges, had his medical license revoked, and had opened up a birthing clinic in Southern California.  I met Milos a few times as a teen and he reminded me of a very charming snake oil salesman. Turns out he was worse then that.  Doc, my adoptive mother, went into business with him, and together they scammed people into doing cheap births in their clinic.  They took in all kinds of high risk patients without even having proper equipment like oxygen and heart monitors.  Instead, they would let these women suffer through long, stressful births and then finally inject them with Pictosin. This would then artificially dilate the the woman and force  the baby out.  What happened in nine of those cases, the baby was stressed and there was brown fluid emitted during labor.  Its basic common medical knowledge that meconium is a very serious sign that the baby is in danger.  Fetuses may pass stools (meconium) in response to stress, such as a lack of oxygen.  If it is aspirated into the lungs they will die – and that is what happened to nine of the babies they delivered.  Whats worse is that Doc and Dr. Klvana scared the parents into not taking the babies to the hospital, and when the babies died, they tried to convince them to NOT file a report.  Dr. Klavana disposed of one of the babies bodies in the trash, another one he told the mother to bury the body in the back yard.  Dr. Klvana got 53 to life, Doc lost her license and was put on probation.  She must have had a better lawyer or thrown Klvana under the bus.

I’m sure this is not the only time Doc committed murder; she was a selfish liar, a scammer, and a narcissist with a violent temper. Sandy always promised me that when Doc died she would tell me all the horrible and illegal things Doc did. Its probably a good thing she never did.    Doc NEVER took the blame for anything, ever.  There was an excuse, and a lie for all over her behavior. And if you didn’t believe that, she would get violent and report to shouting and hitting.  Its what narcissists do.

The liberation in this finding is that I can finally admit that my adoptive mother was a monster, and so Sandy since she knew about illegal and immoral activities Doc did.  I’m DONE making excuses for their crappy behavior! All my live I have have justified, minimized, and said things like “well they weren’t that bad.”  No, they where! They were that bad and then some!  They abused me, neglected me, called me names, illegally adopted me, abandoned me, and lied to me.  It was that bad! They are evil monsters and they chose to do bad things. What they did is their problem and not mine any more.

I will not be a victim.  I will not allow them to control my life.  I will chose to work through this just like I’ve worked through everything else.  I will use self help books, professional therapy, talking to friends, and with the dear help of my motorcycle.  I will not allow their shit to ruin my life.  I wont.  Its my decision.  I chose to make heaven out of their hell.  I am free to fly out of their ashes and let them burn.erik-hoepfner-rise-from-the-ashes

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